Our shop

The shop will be open from henceforth October 7th, 2022. Our wonderful store has 3 different specialties:

Cycling shop: For our cycling shop we will be focusing on people that want a quality sports bike, in combination with advice and service. Are you looking for an e-bike, gravelbike, tour bike, racing bike or ATB? You’ve come to the right place!

Our cycling shop is provided with a Shimano-workplace. This gives us all the room we need to perfectly adjust, repair, and perform maintenance on your bike. Students looking for a place to fix their flat tyre are also welcome.

Ice hockey shop: Are you looking for a full set of hockey gear? Let us know by calling or Whatsapp via 06-21570968, or mail us at shop@sportimex.com.

Urban sports shop: In our urban sports shop you’ll find stuntscooters, fitness skates, aggressive skates, longboards, skateboards, and all accessories you’ll need.


Opening hours:

Monday: 9:30-17:30

Tuesday: closed, costumer service available

Wednesday: 9:30-17:30

Thursday: 9:30-17:30

Friday: 9:30-17:30

Saturday: 9:30-16:30

Closed on:

Monday April 10: Easter Monday

Thursday April 27: Kingsday

Thursday May 18: Ascension Day

Monday December 25: Christmas Day

Tuesday December 26: Boxing Day


Standerdmolen 14


Oud Gastel

The Netherlands

We’ll see you there!